"I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in both shoulders in May 2011. 
Under a Rheumatologist I was put on weekly medication which halted the condition but I still suffered some pain, taking up to six osteo panadol tables daily. A friend recommended I visit Bas a lymphatic drainage practitioner. I have just attended my fourth visit in May 2012 and I am  now virtually pain free and take no panadol tablets."

- Barbara Ross

​"I have been coming to see Bas for Manual Lymphatic Drainage for over a year now and have always been highly impressed by his professional approach, in-depth knowledge, attentiveness and willingness to answer any and all of my left-of-field questions. I can't recommend Bas enough." ​

- Jasmyn Burford




Hi, my name's Amelia and before I went to Bas at House of Health, I was waking up exhausted, my hair was falling out and my skin was dry. I was also frustrated about not being able to lose weight and the heaviness I was feeling.

By educating me on the importance of protein in the diet and eating for my metabolism, Bas was able to assist me in losing 1.5kgs, by making small tweaks. This was thrilling for me as I was unable to lose any weight prior. I also gained energy and enthusiasm for my day, my hair stopped falling out and my skin started looking and feeling healthier. I also went on a metagenics diet under Bas's supervision and lost an extra 5kgs in 40 days.

I am confident now to continue to lose an extra 3kgs with the knowledge Bas has shared with me. He is well educated, passionate and genuinely cares to give you the best of the things you need. He won't sell you all of his products either, just what your body needs to restore itself.

I highly recommend Bas as your naturopath of choice.


- Amelia Youssef





My family and I have been patients of Bas Bomer from House of Health for the last five years.

He has helped my husband and self with Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Acute Sinusitis. A program was set up for both of us to treat attacks and maintenance throughout the year.
It has helped my husband immensely with his busy schedule and being a frequent flyer and changed my life completely.
I finally have relief from Sinusitis!!!!!!
Bas has further advanced qualifications obtained from European centres specialising in the latest techniques of Lymphatic Drainage.

We have also seen him concerning Naturopathy, Weight Loss and Stress Management.


Bas and his fellow practioners are the consummate professionals and extremely focused in getting results. Remedial Massage has helped my tension and lower back so much in recent years. I would thoroughly recommend this type of professional massage against other sorts. I thoroughly recommend all  the services of House of Health.

- Susanne Hunter
  The Hunter Family