What can I expect from a Naturopathic consultation?

Your first Naturopathic assessment takes about 1 to 1½ hours. A comprehensive assessment is made of your diet, a variety of lifestyle and exercise factors, as well as questions relating to all body systems may uncover a specific area that needs attention. Also a variety of naturopathic tests may be recommended. Your Naturopath may decide to take your blood pressure, conduct a basic urine analysis, or include a BIA (Bio Impedance Analysis) weigh-in which includes analysis of lean muscle mass, body fat % and basic metabolic rate.

Your Naturopath may also check your eyes (iridology), nails and/or tongue for signs of imbalance or deficiency.  

Where applicable your Naturopath may advise you to have an allergy test (which tests for a variety of allergies and sensitivities), however, this is not done through House of Health, but rather through a professional testing facility.


How many times do I have to visit?


This is different for every patient and depends on your general state of health, particular symptoms and specific problems. After your first consultation you will be advised of an expected time-frame for particular results. In general people will return for a follow-up consultation 2 weeks after their initial assessment and again 4 weeks after that.

In most cases 3 to 5 consultations are needed, however if problems/symptoms are chronic it may take more time to return to health and balance of all systems in the body.

After initial assessment and the regaining of proper health, it may be advisable to follow-up once every 6-12 months. This ensures you stay on top of your health, minimise the chance of disease slipping in and this way Naturopathy can serve you with its true aim – Preventative Medicine. Why get sick first, to only visit a doctor when you are sick already? It makes more sense to keep stress at bay, the immune system strong and healthy, blood circulation flowing properly and liver and digestion functions under control and in balance. This way preventing sickness from occurring in the first place.

Take control, regain healthy balance, and tap into the potential of your body’s energy levels!

How much does a Naturopathic consultation cost?


The initial consultation costs $250 and follow-ups are usually $100 (depending on the length of consultation), in some cases a short consultation may be advised which is $50 (20min).

Please click here for a list of prices for all treatments.​




Can I claim if I'm with a private health fund?

Rebates for all of our services are available from most health funds, depending on your level of cover. Please check with your health fund for further information. 


Are medicines/supplements included in the consultation fee?

No. Your Naturopath may prescribe a herbal formula, or recommend for you to take particular vitamins or minerals, but these are not included in the consultation fee.



Do I have to bring anything, or provide any specific information?

If you have recent blood test results or any other medical test (from the last 12 months) it may be valuable to bring these along. Also bring any box or bottle with you of any type of medication or supplementation you are currently (or regularly) taking.

What kind of symptoms or conditions can Naturopathy help with?

The main aim of Naturopathy is to support general health and increase vitality, functioning of the liver, digestive and immune system, as well as increase resistance to stress. Hence increasing overall health.

However, a variety of specific conditions can be helped with Naturopathy. Whether you suffer from acute symptoms (such as a cold, sinusitis/hayfever flare-up), a chronic condition (such as asthma, diabetes, IBS, Crohn’s disease, chronic fatigue), or just don’t feel 100% - a Naturopath can help you regain wellness.

Health issues known to respond well to a Naturopathic approach include -

-  Digestive disorders - constipation, recurring diarrhoea, IBS symptoms                                       infections (candida, parasitic, bacterial), allergies & food sensitivities

-  Stress, anxiety

-  Sleeping problems​

-  Obesity - detox, weight loss, weight management, healthy eating support

-  Diabetes - herbal & nutritional support for insulin and diabetes related problems

-  Cholesterol management

-  Thyroid support – for both hypo~ and hyperthyroidism

-  Exhaustion - low energy or stamina, libido, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)

-  Mild depression or persistent low mood

-  Poor immune functioning or recurring infections

-  Detoxification - liver cleanse & support, kidney ‘flush’, lymphatic stimulation