Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is excellent for those undergoing detoxification therapies or who suffer from lymphatic or immune dysfunction. This massage consists of light rhythmic strokes that follow the superficial path of the lymphatic vessels. 

The lymphatic system is a vessel network that runs along the cardiovascular system, constantly exchanging and taking up fluid and toxins. It has several functions, but the most well known one is probably detoxification.

Lymphatic flow can stagnate for many reasons (such as fatigue, stress, lack of physical activity, food additives, etc). When lymphatic circulation slows down, the process of detoxification and the production and regeneration of cells, is severely compromised. Consequently toxins accumulate and open the gates to various physical problems.

Major Functions of the Lymphatic System

FLUID BALANCE - MLD is a specialised massage technique used to activate and cleanse the body’s fluids. It works together with the kidneys to control overall fluid balance of the body.

IMMUNE SYSTEM - The lymphatic system is responsible for optimal functioning of the immune system.
MLD treatments are the key to maximising the body’s ability to rejuvenate and to increase resistance to stress and disease.

DETOXIFYING - The lymphatic system is considered to be the major ‘garbage removal’ system of the body, filtering blood impurities and in conjunction with the liver aiding in the removal of excess toxins.

WEIGHT LOSS - The lymphatic system is the only way for the body to absorb and transport fats derived from our food into the bloodstream and eventually to the liver, hence its popularity as an adjunct treatment to any weight loss program. A lymphatic drainage treatment also stimulates the liver in general, therefore indirectly cleaning it up in the process, which in turn increases its activity, and its ability to process and eliminate fats.

Common Symptoms due to
decreased Lymphatic Circulation

- Constant lack of energy

- Fluid retention

- Swelling in a particular area (arms, legs, thighs, ankles)

- Swollen or sore breasts

- Persistent headaches

- 'Fuzzy head’, blocked ears, sinus problems &

   upper respiratory mucous congestion

- ‘Bags’ under the eyes

- Swollen or bloated feeling in the abdomen

- Difficulty losing weight

- Lumps in neck, throat, armpits or groin

Reasons To Have Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatments

- Reduce fluid retention

- Post or pre-surgical procedures (to reduce swelling and increase
  recovery time)


- Detox / Weight-loss

- General stimulation of the immune system

- Sinusitis / Hayfever

- Glandular fever


- Some general benefits of a MLD treatment include an improved immune        

  response, increased energy levels & overall vitality

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