What makes the ‘Shake It’ KetoFat Loss program so special?


Where other diets aim at weight loss, the ‘Shake It’ KetoFat Loss program is designed specifically to lose fat. Where other diets tell you what not to eat, this approach includes all macro nutrients and does not condemn fat. 


Where other diets restrict, cut out & eliminate, this program includes (real) chocolate covered protein bars with a variety of yummy tastes to choose from (vanilla nougat, cherry coconut, caramel).  


Don’t go hungry, don’t just lose weight consisting of faeces and fluid loss due to dehydration, but lose what you really desire - KetoFat Loss.     



- Your baseline data will be recorded by your Naturopath via measurement of body composition (including lean muscle mass, body fat %, specific level of abdominal fat, BMI & more).     


- You'll be eating real food with only one meal replacement (of your choice) of a professionally designed product (shake, bar
or soup).


- Monitor your own fat loss progress on a daily basis, so you know that you are on the right track.       


- Check in with your healthcare professional regularly, to have any queries answered and for a quick weigh-in to quantify your weekly fat loss.                                                                                                                    


- Includes a recipe book for all meals of the day whilst on the program (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & even desert ideas).                                                                                                                                                                                    

- The products that are used have scientific research to back up their effectiveness.


- Professional support under the guidance of a Naturopath will ensure not just short term weight-loss but improved health, energy and sustainable weight management over the long term.











What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is the process that occurs when the body is using fat for energy. Usually this happens when carbohydrate intake is reduced to a certain level, accelerating the usage of body fat for energy. The by-product of fat metabolism are particles called ketones
(or ketone bodies) - when people eat less carbohydrates than is required for basic sugar requirements of the body, it turns to fat for energy, and thus more ketones are generated. Some of those ketones are used by the body for energy, but there is one type of ketone body, called acetone, that cannot be used and is excreted as waste, mostly in urine.  
















What is different about this approach compared to conventional weight loss programs?

Most diets are based on cutting out one or more of the macro-nutrients - carbs, protein & fat. They either force you to under eat or eliminate one of these macro-nutrients altogether. This can be either harmful or simply ineffective.

The biggest problem with this approach is that it may trigger a ‘famine’ signal to the body and this in turn almost guarantees that after you finish your diet you will regain all of the weight lost and re-stock on every gram of fat lost during the diet. 

The ‘Shake It’ KetoFat Loss program does NOT exclude any specific food group, ensures the famine signal is avoided, guarantees fat loss (NOT just weight loss) & educates you in the meantime on how to eat differently and keep the weight off afterwards.         


There is scientific research to show that including the dietary changes that are part of the program combined with the products used, improve fat burning, assist weight loss and help maintain a lean body composition.

A low carbohydrate, low GI diet can help keep blood sugar levels low which improves fat burning and reduces fat storage.



Why 'Shake It'?
  • Simple, convenient and easy to follow
  • Safe, effective and proven results
  • Practitioner only program and supplements
What Can You Expect?
  • Fat loss of 0.5 - 2 kg per week
  • Maintenance of lean muscle mass
  • Reduction in waist circumference
  • Long lasting changes in body composition for better health
  • Establishment of long-term healthy eating patterns



‘Shake It’ KetoFat Loss program in a nutshell:


A Simple, Healthy Dietary Program

  • High in low carbohydrate, low GI vegetables

  • Lean protein eaten with every meal and snack

  • Includes moderate levels of healthy oils

One Meal Replacement Per Day

  • Low carbohydrate protein based supplements

  • Shakes, soup and bars

  • Ideal as convenient snacks

Run by Qualified Healthcare Professionals

  • Can tailor program for each patient

  • Professional advice to overcome obstacles

  • Motivation, troubleshooting and support


Easy to Follow and Convenient

  • Healthy food to develop good eating habits

  • Great tasting meal replacements and snacks

Burns More Fat with Sustained Results

  • Lowered carbohydrate intake, balance blood sugar levels, increase fat burning

  • Adequate protein prevents muscle loss and reduces hunger sensation

  • Convenient and great tasting


Individualised for Maximum Success

  • Safe

  • Effective

  • Proven results



  • Easy to understand

  • Simple to follow



Initial Package Deal $499 

Initial consult (1hr 15min)

1st follow up consult (30min) *

2nd follow up consult (15min) *

3rd follow up consult (30min) *

(Repeat program $399)


> Patient support booklet (with detailed outline of the KetoFat Loss program steps)

> Recipe booklet (with recipe ideas for all meals of the day, including snacks & desserts)

> Food supplement product (to replace 1 meal/day)

> Ketobars (to include as 1 snack/day)

> Ketostix (for measuring personal fat loss progress 2x/day)

> Shaker (IF choosing a powdered meal replacement for easy preparation)



* = NB: ideally early AM before breakfast OR late afternoon 2hrs after your last snack/meal

If enough acetone is present in urine, it can be detected using a dipstick commonly referred to as Ketostix (although there are other brands as well).

Although our bodies are continuously generating ketones, the detection of ketone bodies in the urine indicates a state of ‘ketosis’ – a state of excessive fat burning. Most restricted or reduced carbohydrate diets don't pay much attention to this process, or simply aren't low enough in carbs to cause the Ketostix to discolour. The ‘Shake It’ – KetoFat Loss program is specifically designed to move you into this fat burning process of ketosis and under the guidance of your Naturopath keep you there as long as possible in a safe and clinically responsible way.   

Shake your weight away, lose the fat you desire & love the way you feel... effortless & enjoyable.    

Package includes: all consultations, 

supplements, recipe book, Ketostix, shaker & support booklet.